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When you call us we ask you a couple of leading questions to determine the condition of your vehicle so that we can come with everything we need to tow safely.

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One of the questions we ask you is the exact location of your vehicle. This might include a google location or locate Zip Code to enable us quickly come to your location.

3. We Arrive To Assist You

Since we already know your location and your problem beforehand, its easy for us to get you quick assistance within the shortest time possible. We come mentally ready and with a plan to assist you.

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Over 30 Years of Quality Heavy Wrecker For every type of heavy truck

In the last 30 years, we have offered towing to drivers who have had trouble with their trucks. We have towed every type of truck from each of these major brands:

Quick Response Heavy Wrecker

When it comes to the question of response, we have consistently been the fastest response company over for the last 30 years. We arrive 30 Minutes from the time you call us. Call Us NOW to get towing 30 Minutes from now.

"I did not believe how quickly they arrived to tow by truck!" - Scott Roberson

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We value the feedback from our clients and our partners.

Andrew "KJ" Smith

When I had an unexpected flat tire, Mike fixed it right away and got me back on  the road. Great service and very reasonable price. Totally made my day better

Christophr Duncan

My tire had a slow leak so we called to see if I could get my truck in. He asked when I could bring it in. When I got there they went right to work on it. It was done before I knew it. Highly recommended. Great staff, very friendly.

Matt Tailor

The service technician was the most professional, courteous, and skilled technician I’ve ever worked with! Cali Heavy Towing has a staff of rock stars, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for timely and superb customer service!!

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our top of the line equipment, so don’t hesitate – get in touch today. We’ll be there right away when you need us most.